The Forever Advantage


Behind every smile are teeth… and behind every tooth is a periodontist. Our teeth require both personal maintenance and professional care to promote their longevity.


While brushing and flossing are key components of good dental health, Dr. Genet’s Forever Advantage, a concierge-primary care approach to oral health care, can help preserve your teeth – and smile – forever.


​Here’s how it works.


Your gums, bone and tissue in your mouth support your teeth and hold them in place. Since periodontal disease (gum disease) is a chronic, long-term condition that can erode the structure of your mouth and cause your teeth to loosen, a long-term plan is necessary to prevent the disease from progressing, preserve your natural teeth, and maintain ongoing oral health.


We don’t treat just one tooth or condition; we offer a comprehensive, total patient, oral health strategy designed to provide early detection of problems…treatment of conditions at their outset…and prevention of emerging oral issues.


If you wish to keep your natural teeth for a lifetime, this is a crucial and important service that will help prevent serious oral issues from arising and, along with it, the onset or recurrence of gum disease that could affect the health of your gums and teeth.


Our plan focuses on the long-term, conservative maintenance of your dental structure (teeth, gums, tissue & bone) to preserve their ideal function and aesthetics. It is a plan that everyone needs…and should have…if they want to keep their natural teeth for a lifetime.